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As I re-imagine or reinvent what this blog is, I want it to be more of a love letter to my children and grandchildren, as well as more of a gratitude journal.  I have so many things to be grateful … Continue reading

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and so funny!!!

I took this beautiful photo of Mylah at the beach.  Laura posted it on Instagram with this: “Mostly I just pray that she is kind and confident and happy and healthy, but I guess being this beautiful doesn’t hurt.  If … Continue reading

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Worst Haircut Ever

I don’t get my hair cut often.  I wear it long and keep my bangs long and shaggy.  This serves three purposes- The first is that I am able to trim them myself because precision is not important.  The second … Continue reading

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Living on the Edge

I am so happy for April and the adventure that she is having out West this summer.  But does she have to be the one standing closest to the edge?  This is the kind of picture that makes a mama’s … Continue reading

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Headed Home

If I have my time zones figured out right, April should be landing in Honolulu in the next few minutes, completing the first 2612 miles of her trip home.  She left Pago Pago last night.  She has told us how … Continue reading

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