cal’s big boy bed

The time had come for Cal to get a Big Boy Bed.  First he broke his  arm climbing out of his crib.  Then he somehow managed to break the crib to the point that there was a slat that he could remove at nap time or bed time.  So finally his mom and dad bought him a new bed and lovingly painted it and gave his room an updo.  Now- if only he can figure out how to sleep in it!

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West Coast Bound!

April and Brenden

April and Brenden

I’m so excited!  Tom and I are leaving tonight to visit April and Brenden in Washington!  I have missed her so much since they moved in June.  I can’t wait to see where they live and what their lives are like.  April has a day off of school tomorrow so we’ll get that extra day with her.  We’re flying into Seattle, and renting a car and driving to Yakima tonight.  We’ll spend the weekend there, and then have a couple of days to explore Seattle.  Pictures and stories to come!

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happily ever after

Scenes from Stuart and Maggie’s beautiful wedding this weekend!

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arianna-huffington-gratitude-gateway-graceAs I re-imagine or reinvent what this blog is, I want it to be more of a love letter to my children and grandchildren, as well as more of a gratitude journal.  I have so many things to be grateful for, and I need to do a better job of recording what they are, and living in that state of gratitude.  I like the sounds of that.

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my magical house

Many of my childhood memories live in my house, as do the beautiful memories of raising my own children.  And now I am blessed to be building new memories here with my grandchildren.  And even though it is so old that something is always broken, even though the roof and the basement both leak when it rains, even though the paint is peeling and the walls are crumbling, to me, my home is a place of beauty and peace.
8-11-2014 (3) 8-11-2014 (1)

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simple reminders

I feel like I have begun a journey to become happier, more spiritual, more grateful, and more fulfilled.  I am going out of my way more than ever not only to seek out beauty, but to recognize the beauty that lies around me.  I’m going to be sharing some of the discoveries I have made along the way, and I’m going to start with this one: Simple Reminders.  Their website includes beautiful original photography, art, and stories with inspirational reminders that can help you live a better life.  I also signed up for a daily email reminder, so each day, along with all of the emails urging me to send money on things I don’t need, I also get a beautiful reminder of the things in life that are really important.  Here is today’s Simple Reminder:
joy attracts joy

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happy st. patrick’s day!

St. Patrick's Day

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a love of reading

Love of Reading

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buy handmade

When you buy

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Sometimes my lack of knowledge amazes even me.  Last night I was up late finishing Moloka’i, one of the best books I have read in a long time.  It is a fictional story, interwoven with real characters and history, of a girl in Hawaii in the late 1800’s who is arrested because she has leprosy, and is sent to a leper colony.  Not only did this book touch my heart, as the main character, Rachel, goes through the trials of growing up absent from her family, but I learned a piece of history that I had never known.  Read Moloka’i.  You will enrich your mind and your heart.

Here’s the link to the Amazon information and review.

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