i love september

While it’s always a little sad to see summer come to an end, I love September.  Maybe it’s the ex-teacher in me, but September always seems more like a new year than January does.  It’s a month about starting over- new classes, new DI season, new bookbags and lunch boxes.  We’re even getting a new coat of paint on the outside of our house right now.

I love going on Facebook and seeing all of the photos of kids with fresh faces ready for a new school year.  I love that Etsy begins to show off fall and back to school items.  I love that my morning walks with Murphy are cooler.  Some people do Spring Cleaning- I love Fall Cleaning.

Like so many other children, Mylah started preschool yesterday.  All I know is that she came home happy and with dry undies and a smile on her face.  Oh, and that she ate teddy grahams.  I believe that covers all the important details!

Ready for her First Day of Preschool!
Ready for her First Day of Preschool!
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