sharks and mermaids

Our family beach trips always include Theme Nights.  Each family unit takes one night and is in charge of dinner, games, and activities, all built around a theme.  Over the years, we have had theme nights on everything from Pirates to Hippies to A Trip to the Zoo.  This year’s themes included Sharks and Mermaids, Bollywood, Italian Night, and Duck Dynasty.  Our theme was Sharks and Mermaids.

With some help from the kids, we made mermaids to decorate the door.
y134Tom heroically carved the shark watermelon.

Dinner was shrimp (what else would sharks and mermaids eat?), cheesy potatoes, salad, and veggies.  The kids went “fishing” and caught stuffed sharks and mermaids as prizes.  There were even candy shark-tooth necklaces and of course goldfish.  Tom boy niece Nora Jane threw her mermaid back, insisting on a shark instead, but was most delighted with her stuffed sting ray.  And we ended the night by dressing Jack up with a shark fin and letting the little kids catch the shark with their light-up foam batons.

Yeah, in our family we’re obviously entertained, but we build great memories for our kids!

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