A Good Life

Last week the world lost the woman who was a second mother to me from first grade through high school.  Alice Gray was my best friend Beth’s mother.  Beth and I were inseparable during elementary school and are still very close today.  Mrs. Gray always welcomed me into her home as another daughter.  She and her husband Preston were the kindest and best-natured people I have ever known.  They taught me to laugh at myself and to find humor in everyday life.  I don’t remember this, but Mrs. Gray always told the story of a day when I came home from school with Beth when we were in first grade.  She asked us what we had for lunch that day.  We didn’t remember, but I said something like “Let me check and see what I dropped on my dress and I can tell you,” and checked my dress for spots.  I was always a messy eater.  I probably didn’t even think I was being funny, but Alice Gray saw the humor.  She always did.  I will miss you, Mrs. Gray.

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