Lessons from a Walk with Mylah

I had Mylah last night because Laura has a class on Mondays (her last semester of her MBA!).  We went for a “walk.”  A walk with Mylah means toddling around her condo complex carrying two stuffed animals and heading off into the flower beds anywhere she sees flowers blooming, pulling petals off of flowers to bring back to Mama.  As I watched her I couldn’t help but think about the difference in how kids at that age approach life and how we adults do.  If I had been alone, a walk would have meant staying on the sidewalk, rushing to get in as many steps and cover as much distance as possible.  I wouldn’t have even noticed that there were some azaleas that have a scattering of blooms on them- I know those same bushes bloomed in March.  But Mylah didn’t care if there was a hill, or if she had to weave between thorny rose bushes to get to the one that had a bloom on it to pull petals off the flower for Mama.  She didn’t mind that she had to carry her stuffed “friends” with her- she didn’t want to go without them.  She fell countless times, and didn’t complain or even think twice about falling or care that she was getting dirty- each time she just picked up her animals and her flower petals and headed off to the next part of the adventure.

Oh, the things that God can teach me through my grandchildren……

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