A One-Year-Old Sense of Humor

I got to babysit for my sweet Mylah last night.  I love the things she does.  I was wearing a claw clip in my hair to hold it up.  She pulled at it until I took it out of my hair and gave it to her.  Then she took it and patted her head with it.  I asked her if she wanted it in her hair, which she did.  So I fixed it in her hair and she immediately ran to the shiny fireplace where she can see herself in the fireplace doors.  She was so pleased with herself!

At bedtime she had been pushing around a baby doll stroller that she recently got.  She brought it in the bedroom with us.  She climbed up on my lap for stories and then made me hold the stroller too while we read stories.  She knew she was being silly, which made it even funnier than it already was.

I grow more infatuated with my grandchildren every day!

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