Pain and Courage

Last week I cracked a tooth.  It happened on a Saturday night.  It seemed to happen for no reason.  I was just eating some chicken that we had grilled with April and Brenden.  Over the next few days the pain increased until by Monday night I was awake most of the night in pain.  I finally went to my dentist on Tuesday afternoon.  He thinks that I have weakened my teeth because I clench them in my sleep when I’m stressed.  Anyway, he drilled around on it for a while and then ended up putting a temporary crown on it.  Oh, and, as sometimes happens, the Novocaine that he gave me didn’t really take.  More pain, not to mention the extreme discomfort caused by having the dentist and his lovely assistant stretching, poking, and otherwise torturing my mouth.  As I sat there feeling like a hog being butchered, all I could think of was Anne, and the pain she lives with and tries to manage every day, and the way her body as become something that is not hers but belongs to a medical community to experiment with and treat as they will.

She is so brave and I am a total wimp.

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