Ready for Fall

I am really excited about a couple of new things I have made lately and just added to my alpaca kids Etsy shop.  The first is a little girl’s cape.  Think Little Red Riding Hood, only this one I did in Blue.  So much easier to dress a baby in than a sweater or coat- just slip it around her and button the button tab at the neck!  The yarn I used is a 70%alpaca/ 30% silk blend, so it couldn’t be any softer or silkier.  It’s just like she is wearing her favorite blankie- what could be better?

The next thing is a wonderful alpaca sweater with a wide neck and short little bell sleeves.  I’m calling it my angel sweater.  It is perfect to wear over a long sleeved shirt, and looks so sweet.  I finished it with two little pink flower buttons.  The shape and style of this make it another sweater that will fit a child for a long time.

Thanks to Mylah for being a beautiful model for both of these!


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