I’m Listening With a Broken Ear

Tuesday night my Book Club met at my house.  As best those of us in the club who are “old timers” can remember, we’ve been a book club for about 18 years.  We started meeting and talking about books way before book clubs were fashionable, way before even Oprah had a book club.  I often say that our meetings are more group therapy than book discussions, because we’ve seen each other through all kinds of good times and bad times.

This month we read an uplifting book by Vicky Kaseorg, a local author who happens to be a friend of mine.  A few years ago Vicky found a hurt and abandoned dog at the side of a road, and rather against her will ended up adopting and rehabilitating the dog.  The book is a heartwarming and funny look at Vicky’s family’s journey with the dog and the spiritual journey that accompanied the dog’s rehabilitation.  Check out I’m Listening With a Broken EarWhen is the last time you read a book by an author who wasn’t afraid to let her faith play a big part in her story, and when is the last time you read a dog story with a happy ending?


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