To Showcase or Not to Showcase

In the world of Etsy, my biggest challenge has to be drawing customers to my site.  I think that once they are there, my work speaks for itself- at least as much as it can in a place where there is no opportunity to touch and feel the softness and richness of the alpaca fiber.  Etsy has a tool called Showcase, where you pay $7 a day for a slot at the top of a Category page, in my case the Children’s page.  The slots open for sale at midnight two weeks prior to the given date and sell out quickly.  I have watched, and in the Children’s category, they are always gone in an hour or less.  So people are clamoring for these spots.  Believing that other people must know more than I do, my conclusion is that these spots must be worth the $7 fee.  So I purchased one, and eagerly awaited this past Friday, the day my slot would come up.

So that I would have a basis for comparison, I didn’t tweet anything Thursday or Saturday.  While tweeting boosts my views considerably, I think it’s an artificial number.  So on Thursday I had 28 views and one favorite (I love being favorited!).  Friday, the day that one of my items appeared in the Showcase, was a much better day, with 303 views and 17 favorites.  Did I sell anything Friday?  No.  But I have to think that the exposure was a good thing.  I still believe that it’s not really my season yet, and that sales will increase when the weather cools.

I have two more Showcase slots booked.  Hopefully they will prove to be worth the $7 investment.

New Baby Hat Listing
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