Alpaca Kids Featured on the Sunburnt Cow Blog

For the first time last week, another blog did a little piece on my Etsy shop.  Not only was it a blog I admire, but it was really flattering, and I’m sure it pushed a little traffic to my site.  So many thanks to the Sunburnt Cow for highlighting Alpaca Kids!  I love the Sunburnt Cow Blog because it’s beautiful, easy to read, and diverse- all the things I aspire my blog to be.  It is also a great promoter of other artists and blogs.  The author must have a true understanding of how much it means to a struggling artist to have their shop featured, because she is really great at doing just that.  It inspires me to do more to feature other artists.  It’s something I have had intentions of doing since starting this blog, but just haven’t been very good at.  Here’s hoping I do a better job of it in the future!


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