Jack and Lizzie

This is Jack and Lizzie, the best nephew and niece in the world.
They have provided us with countless wonderful, fun, and funny beach memories.  Jack has always been frustrated that he is the only boy cousin.  He is also very concerned with being “cool,” but he has a sweet side that manages to reveal itself at times, especially around babies.  In his search for male companionship, Jack leaches onto whatever other male is around.  He has shadowed boyfriends, friends, and new husbands relentlessly.   This year he will no doubt be obsessed with April’s boyfriend Brenden.  Let’s hope he doesn’t scare Brenden away.
Being around Lizzie is like basking int he sunshine.  She is a bundle of sweetness and happiness.  When Lizzie is around, a spontaneous family Dance Party is not far away.

Jack and Lizzie
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