What If Our Beach Trips Were a Reality Show?

This coming Sunday we head to the beach for the annual Kirby Family Beach Trip.  We’re been doing this for longer than my children can remember.  What a journey it has been!  As I look back, I hold so many memories of these trip, and of this special stretch of ocean and sand that we know like the back of our hands.  We have had countless bonding times as a family, and with extended family. April brought up the interesting concept the other day of what if our beach trips were a reality show.  Oh, how interesting it would be to watch!  And what a cast of characters!  Family secrets have been revealed, marriages have been tested and saved, new family members have been added, both by birth and marriage, cancer has been fought, and last year our oldest daughter Laura was married on our little stretch of beach.  This week I will be reminiscing about some of the times we have had at our beach.

April, age 2















Laura, age 8
Quinn, age 5
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