Making Progress

This morning I will put my fourth sale in the mail.  Since Etsy put the photo of Evan in the owl hat in an email earlier this week, my shop and that hat in particular have gotten a lot of attention.  I don’t expect this short burst of activity to continue, but I am enjoying it while it’s happening.

Yesterday I ventured into my first actual advertising of my Etsy shop.  For $10 a month I purchased a three-month 100×100 pixel ad on the blog Everything Etsy.  It’s a great blog, both visually and in its content.  It has a pretty large number of ads without seeming crazily cluttered and messy the way many others do.  It has over 10,000 Facebook fans, so obviously other people are looking at it too.  It is so well-written that it makes me want to be friends with Kim, its curator.  The ad I purchased is tiny, and in a window shared with 25 others.  The ad spaces were up for grabs at noon yesterday and I was on the ball to be the first clicker and get the first one.  I did notice that the spaces were sold out within a matter of minutes.

I won’t have any way to know how much traffic this actually sends to my shop, but I am pretty sure that after a three-month run of this small ad I will upgrade on this same site to a slightly larger one.  That will be in September, which is sort of my goal month for trying to really begin some marketing.

I’m off to the Post Office now to send away that fourth hat.  This one was a custom one done in the owl pattern but for an older baby.  As much as I wish that my sales were at a number where I could go to the Post Office on a schedule a couple of times a week, I still rush there pretty much as soon as I finish an item, excited to send each one off.  I hope that as my business grows I will still have this feeling of excitement with each sale.

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