Fear of Falling

I love my house.  Living in a 90-year-old stone and stucco farmhouse for the past 23 years has been my joy- and my bane.  I think it is the most beautiful, character-filled house I have ever seen.  But as with most older homes, it is a constant emotional and financial drain.  The stucco walls are beautiful, even as they crack and crumble.  The tile on the kitchen wall has buckled and has big cracks and crevices in it.  If it rains hard enough the roof leaks and we know exactly how to position the buckets to catch the drips.  Heating and cooling the structure is difficult and expensive.  Sony Pictures came calling several years ago to use our place as a location for a Will Ferrell movie, and that was a really fun experience.  But today we face a new and frightening home-related headache.  The past few weeks there have been a number of violent storms, with lots of wind, lightning, and hail.  The beautiful oak trees that surround the house have suffered greatly.  One in particular has, in the past few days, begun to pull up from its roots and lean more and more toward the house.  It is a ticking time bomb.  After a couple of days on the phone with tree removal companies, it seems that tomorrow afternoon is the soonest that anyone can get the necessary equipment here to safely take down the tree.  Two different tree experts who came to give estimates expressed concern that the tree needed to be taken down immediately.  Can the tree stand for 18 more hours without falling and crushing the house?  We pray that it can, but during the day today we could see that the crevice where the roots are pulling up from the ground is widening and the degree of tilt is increasing.  It is going to be so very sad to see this tree go.  It shades the terrace and frames the house.  But it would definitely be sadder to have my house destroyed.  So I will probably not sleep much tonight but will spend the night praying that God continues to protect us and our home.  Here’s hoping that this story ends well.

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