Encouragement, and Numbers

Evan in the Owl Hat

Last week I had two ego-boosting Etsy occurrences.  The first was that my treasury entry for the Alpaca Team won the weekly treasury contest and so an item from my shop became the inspiration item for last week’s treasury contest.  The result was that 36 new treasuries were created that featured the little owl hat.  The result?  No, nobody bought the hat, but lots of people saw it.  I checked before the challenge was announced and the hat had 116 views and 4 hearts.  it is now up to 400 views and 25 hearts.  Not bad.


Mylah in the Bonnet


The other really good thing was that this baby bonnet was featured in an Etsy email.  It was a tiny picture, way down at the bottom of the page.  When I saw it I checked and saw that at that time the bonnet had 458 views and 14 hearts.  It now has had 1595 views and 37 hearts.  No, it didn’t sell either.  But it does give me encouragement that at least more people are visiting my site and liking what they see there.  That’s a good start, right?

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