Learning to Promote My Etsy Shop

So I have what I think is an awesome Etsy shop, with wonderful products, and what I believe is a unique niche.  But who knows and who cares?  I feel like I know what my target audience is, but I’m not sure how to reach them.  And I’m not really worried about it….. yet.  When I started the shop, I told myself that I would just spend these first months making things and filling the shop with great alpaca knits for kids and that I would not really worry about marketing or trying to sell things until September.  I’m trying to stick to that and not be frustrated at my lack of sales.  I mean who wants to buy warm sweaters and hats for babies in the summer months?  But I am starting to scope out what marketing means might be available once September does hit.  My daughter Laura suggested that I send some samples to popular blog writers who would be willing to review my shop.  I just applied to be reviewed on BloggyMom Reviews.  I asked for a September review and offered to send something for a give-away.  This is my first real step to marketing myself.  Can’t wait to see what happens!

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