blissful at the ballpark

I could happily spend every evening with these kids, hanging out at the ballpark. 

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my mom

My mom. One of the finer things that she has given me is a love of reading. At 84, her body has betrayed her in many ways, but I am thankful that her mind is still sharp and active and that she continues to read every day. Here she is opening the books that she had asked for for Mother’s Day. We took her out to lunch, and she couldn’t wait to get home and spend her afternoon reading.5-8-2016

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dream girl

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happy birthday evan!

Our favorite little Slugger turns five today!  Happy birthday Evan!


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These rascals.

Today I got an email from Mylah asking if I could come to her “haws for denr.”

I love it that she can email me. Apparently she only disclosed to Cal that she had invited me.  By the time I read the email and got in touch with Laura, who of course she knew nothing of the plan, she said that they were fixing dinner and Cal had said he was making a pizza for me. She had no idea why he had said that, but since pretend is a very real thing to him, she thought little of it.  Since she hadn’t planned to feed me too, I dropped by after dinner and joined in family movie time for a viewing of The Good Dinosaur. Quite a tearjerker, at least if you’re five.

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art by mylah

Mylah, Pops, and Cis by Mylah. April 2016. 

I love that I’m wearing cool rose colored glasses. Kid’s artwork is the best. 

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chocolate cake

Somebody likes chocolate cake!

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blue skies and baseball

There is  nothing better than baseball on a blue-sky Saturday morning!

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if only they could stay little!

Mylah went to Beginner’s Day for Kindergarten yesterday.   Last night we took a picnic to the park and spent a great evening there. I am cherishing every moment with her because I know that as she grows, the world demands more of her and my time with her grows scarcer.   

I am so thankful for our times together!  

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